We are very sorry to announce that we have had a sudden incident occur which has significantly effected one of our team members and has meant we have had to put production of ‘Slade and Jen’s Bible Rewinds’ on hold.

We are very disappointed and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Our episodes will be released in the future, but not at a time we can predict.

For this week we created an unofficial episode which may still be helpful for you.



We recommend you visit one of our partnering organisations, Kids Wise, who is created similar Australian resources. Here is the information and links they have made available:

Kidswise is producing a growing number free resources for churches to send to parents. These resources are adapted for use in the home in a COVID-19 world. Each resource is based on a Kidswise mini movie that can be purchased and used in an online service.

Kidswise mini movies are located in the Kidswise Shop (link: https://www.kidswise.com.au/shop/mini-movies). A new parent resource linked to a mini movie is added to the site each week.

To access the free parents resources simply:
1. Go to Kidswise.com.au
2. Go to Downloads and click on the tab – Free Samples
3. Type in the search bar: Kids Church @ Home

(Note: Kidswise has extended it’s copyright policy to allow churches to live stream Kidswise mini movies – see web site for more details)



Content – Bible Metaphors and Similes

Introduction Episode (Episode 0) 

Official Episodes:

Episode 1 – Word as the lamp

Episode 2 – Jesus, the Bread of Life

Episode 3 – Jesus’ Disciples, the Salt of the Earth

Episode 4 – Sin and Dog Vomit!

Episode 5 – The Church, the Body

Episode 6 – Jesus, the Light of the World

Episode 7 – Friendship and the Cord

Episode 8 – The Righteous like a Growing Tree

Episode 9 – The Lord is My Shepherd

Episode 10 – Guards on Your Mouth