Sell your work

Selling your work through Zenos Media may be a profitable way for you to share your creativity and ministry resources. To sell your work through our site you need to apply to become a vendor.

It is expected that vendors will have appropriate qualifications and we are especially interested in supporting professional artists, photographers, musicians and film makers who are seeking to make a living out of using their creative gifts for the glory of God.

Some important facts about becoming a vendor.
  • Vendors are sellers who hold their own market space on our website. They are able to upload new products, set prices and manage their earnings.
  • To become a vendor you need to apply by following the links below. Except in exceptional circumstances, we expect that you have some form of qualification relevant to the type of content you wish to sell. For example, to sell Bible teaching resources you must have theological training or to sell artwork we expect you have a type of formal training. If you do not have relevant qualifications, consider donating a few resources and using these as links to your personal website. Please contact us if you are unsure about this requirement.
  • Once approved as a vendor, all items you wish to sell will go through a screening process before they become live on the site. All items must be in the form of a digital download.
  • Zenos Media will take a commission to cover the costs of site administration etc. This will be negotiated with individual vendors and may vary according to the product type.