Welcome to The Creative Space. If you are 13-21, this is a place you can be encouraged to read God’s word, respond creatively and share your work. Every quarter we will provide ideas for a creative Bible study. Then it’s up to you to dive into the Bible and create an artwork, take some photos, compose a piece of music, choreograph a dance,¬†write a poem or devise a drama on the current theme or book of the Bible. Share what you have done and your creativity may prove to be a great blessing to others!

June/September - Genesis

Join us for Art in August!

Genesis: Big Beginnings

The Creative Space for this quarter is based on the Art in August theme… Genesis: Big Beginnings. During August we have some great initiatives which you might like to be involved in and perhaps even spend the next few months preparing for! For example you might like to enter our…

1. Get into God's word!

Lights, camera, action! Setting the scene and introducing us to our Creator, Genesis brims with ‘Big Beginnings.’ The beginning of life, the beginning of human identity, the beginning of sin, the beginning of promise, the beginning of hope, the beginning of everything … except God.

Some tips for reading Genesis:

  • Pray before you read that the Holy Spirit will use these word to teach you and speak to your heart.
  • The Bible Project has some great introductory videos on Genesis. These will help you understand what the book is about.
  • Take note of the way Genesis introduces God, people, Satan and creation. For example you might ask: How are they described? How do they act? How do they relate? What do my observations teach me about God, myself and the world?
  • Trace the promise and blessing through the book. In Genesis 3:15, God makes a promise – a descendant of Eve will crush the snake and ultimately defeat death and decay. In Genesis 12 we meet the family this descendant will come from – a descendant who will bring blessing to the whole world! As you read Genesis, note how the blessing moves from generation to generation and the way God remains faithful to his promise, even when the people who receive it, fail miserably.
2. Respond creatively

Genesis is rich with themes, ideas and stories which can spark creativity. A creative reflection on Genesis might include:

  • Reflection on God as the creator, capturing in word, paint, movement or song, the beauty of his creation.
  • Refection on human identity. Genesis introduces humanity as those made in the image of God and traces the stories of people who God blessed and used in his plan to bless all humanity.
  • Reflection on God’s covenant promise. A promise which brought blessing to Abraham’s family and now extends to the ends of the earth!
  • Reflection on the stories of Genesis, the characters, the events, the places, the hardships and the blessings.

Suggested activities are listed below for each type of artist.

  • For writers

    Choose a story from Genesis and rewrite it from the perspective of a character. Perhaps choose a minor character, such as a person watching Noah build the ark (Genesis 6-7), or one of Joseph’s brothers (Genesis 37).

    Write a poem about an aspect of creation. You might think about what it teaches you about God’s character and creativity. You could structure the poem around the days of creation (Genesis 1) or focus on one particular day. For inspiration, check out the poetry by Jane Rummey.

    Write a play based on one of the stories in Genesis. Consider using the Bible as your basis and then filling out the story with other characters and supporting scenes.

  • For visual artists

    Paint, draw, sculpt or represent something in God’s creation that you think is amazing. Consider getting out into nature and painting a landscape or stage a still life (Google ‘stage a still life’ if you are not sure what that means!).

    Collect a range of natural materials and combine them to create a collage. For example, you might use flowers, leaves, bark, sticks, nuts, rocks, mud, or clay.

    Create a portrait of someone who ‘images’ God by reflecting his character. Think about how your use of materials, techniques, colour and portrait angles might help to show this person’s qualities.

    Reflect on one of the major themes of Genesis such as promise, blessing, covenant or the fall, and think about how you could portray this concept visually. You might even reflect on how this idea is traced throughout the Bible and is connected to Jesus.

    Focus on one story in Genesis and represent a character or scene.

  • For photographers

    Choose a natural subject, such as a tree, a landscape, a type of animal or flower, which has significance for you. Photograph it in different ways to showcase its beauty.

    Represent the days of creation in visual form. Think about the key aspect of each day and how this could best be represented.

    Take a portrait shot of someone who ‘images’ God by reflecting his character. Think about how you will frame the shot and use lighting and effects to draw attention to your subject’s characteristics.

    Reflect on one of the major themes of Genesis such as promise, blessing, covenant or the fall, and think about how you could portray this concept visually. You might even reflect on how this idea is traced throughout the Bible and is connected to Jesus.

    Focus on a key story in Genesis and take a photo capturing the message of that story. You might choose a symbol or object which is relevant to the theme or re-stage a scene.

  • For musicians

    Create a piece of music which could create a backing track for a chapter in Genesis. For an example, check out: Genesis 1 by Tim Hunter Music.

    Write a song which praises God as the Creator of the world. Consider how you could use your instrument to reflect the aspects of nature you are representing. For example, you might use broken chords to represent water. You might also consider structuring your piece around the days of creation (Genesis 1).

    Consider writing a song from the perspective of a central character in Genesis. You might like to choose a character who has strong emotions to wrestle with (such as Leah who was the unloved wife – Genesis 29-30) or a character who has faith in difficult circumstances (such as Joseph – Genesis 39-40).

    Consider writing a character theme for a few characters from Genesis. Consider how you could capture the particular qualities of the character through melody, pitch, rhythm and choice of instrument.

  • For dancers

    Take the Zenos Media Dance/Drama challenge and create a solo or group dance depicting Genesis 1 and using the set track from Tim Hunter Music.

    Reflect on Genesis 1 and 2 and create a dance to ‘Ruler of Days’ by Among Nations.

    Choose a story from Genesis and portray the story using a series of movements. Think about the way the characters interact and use these different relationships and events to create movement sequences. Find a musical backing track to suit your story. Try Tim Hunter Music for inspiration.

    Find a song which reflects a key theme from Genesis such as creation, promise, hope, the fall etc. Choreograph a solo or group dance to your chosen song.

  • For actors

    Take the Zenos Media Dance/Drama Challenge 1 and create a group performance depicting Genesis 1 and using the set track from Tim Hunter Music.

    Take the Zenos Media Dance/Drama Challenge 2 and chose a set poem as the basis of a dramatic reading or group performance.

    Choose a story from Genesis and bring it to life on the stage. You might do this by identifying the key parts in the story and developing frozen moments to accompany these parts as the story is read. You might dramatically act out the story as it is read or you might use the Bible as inspiration for creating your own script.

    Choose a key character from Genesis and create a monologue which tells the Biblical story from your chosen character’s perspective.


3. Share your work.

Inspire and encourage others by sharing your work! We would love to see the creative ways you have been engaging with the Bible. This quarter we are looking for people to participate in the Art in August activities and encourage creativity in their church. Also, if you are a visual artist or photographer consider being part of our  youth exhibition. You can enter from now until the end of August.

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