Category 1 - The Gospel overview

The Life of Jesus by Cailey and Bridget (8G1)


The Gospel Story by Caleb and Matthew (28G3) See video.


Jesus – the Way, Truth, Life by Phil, Lian, Jonathan and Elizabeth (41G4) See video.

Category 2 - Jesus' Birth and teaching

The birth of Jesus by Angelo and Giuliana (49T1)


The Birth of Jesus by Leah, Rebekah and Isaiah (51T2) See video.


The Birth of Jesus by James and Emily (58T3)


Legotivity by Tayla and Jordan (61T9)


The Birth of Jesus by Jacques and Joscelyn (66T11)


No room at the inn by Alice, Lucy and Mark Marno (69T10)


Wise and foolish builders by Angus and Hamish (16T6)


The wise and foolish builders by Noah, Cruz and Levi Wraight (3T7) See video.


Old-new generation by Mann and Prish (1T8)


The wise and foolish builders by Sam and Ollie Drew (27T9)


The parable of the Good Samaritan by Caleb, Isabel and Hannah Schmidt (65T12)


The Wise and Foolish Builders by Jethro (64T13)

Category 3 - Jesus' Baptism, temptation and John the Baptist

Jesus’ Baptism by Suzie, Grace and Lydia (2B1) See video.


Jesus’ Baptism by Jonathan and Ethan McQueen (18B2)


The Baptism of Jesus by Sam and Josh (21B3)


The Baptism of Jesus by Annika and Tory (24B4)


Jesus’ Baptism by Zach Nelson (37B5)


The Baptism of Jesus by Esme, Poppy and Rob Matthews (43B6) See video.


Jesus’ Baptism by Tim, Leah and Emma (32B9)


The temptation of Jesus by Alex and Reuben (12B7) See video.


The Temptation of Jesus by Quinn, Hugh and Cailey Magill (19B8)


John the Baptist beheaded by Elias and Callum (4B2) See video.

Category 4 - Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus calms the storm by Ethan and Tori Walker. (15S1)


Jesus Calms the Storm by Jesse and Jason Clift. (26S2)


Jesus calms the storm by Michael and James Chen (29S3)


Jesus and the Storm by Elizabeth, Thomas and Cynthia Spiers. (33S4)


The Moment Before He Spoke by Theo and Andy Little (35S5) See video.


Jesus Calms the Storm by Verity and Theo Kerr (45S6)


Jesus Calms the Storm by Alexander, Isaac and Scarlett (5S7) See video.


Jesus calms the storm by Jacob, Joanne, Tobey and Aiden Krog (62S8)

Category 5 - Jesus saves

Get up and Walk by Isabelle and Susan (7M1)


Jesus versus legion by Joel and Oliver Moroney (10M2) See video.


Our Greatest Need by Kirk, Talitha, Jonathan, Charlie and Elizabeth (13M3)


Lazarus is raised from the dead by Wilson Hadfield and Theodore Little (39M4)


Jesus heals a paralysed man by Tim, Owen, Jon and Laura Boone (52M5)


Salvation for the lost by David and Thomas (11M7) See video.


Called From The Tomb by Ollie, Bobby and Laynie (63M6)


Zacchaeus climbs the sycamore tree by Owen, Lachlan and Amanda (68M8)

Category 6 - Jesus walks on water and feeds 5000

Jesus walks on water by Clare, Tom and Anna (34W1)


Jesus walks on water by Joaquin and Axel Sparks (36W2)


Peter walks on the water by Kirk (38W3)


Jesus walks on the water by Paul and Michaela Benness (47W4)


Jesus walking on water by Ethan and Jaden (50W5)


Jesus walks on the water by William, Anthony and Callum Dooley (53W6)


Jesus walks on the water by Anna and Avalon (54W7)


Feeding of the 5000 by Joshua and Susan Johnson (55W8)


Feeding 5000! by Ioan, Kaitlyn and Tobais Mychael (56W7)

Category 7 - Passover and resurrection appearances

Holy week by Ainsley and Rebecca Honey (31P1)


The welcome of Jesus by James and Benjamin (48P2) See video.


The Triumphal Entry by Aaron, Laila and Jed Devcic (60P9) See video.

The Last Supper by Timothy and Andrew (6P3) See video


Feed my sheep by Virginia and Calvin Oakley (42P4)


The Overflowing Net of Fish & Breakfast with Jesus by Micah and Daniella (20P5)


The fishing feast by Sam and Sarah Hollier (22P6) See video.


Fishing on the sea of Galilee by Ethan 14 and Jamie Nietschke (59P7)


Jesus clears the temple by Jacob and Jo Cayzer (25P8)


Jesus overturning the temple by Josh and Jake (44P10)

Peter Hearing the Rooster Crow by Daniel and Ellie (70P11)

Category 8 - Death and Resurrection

Jesus in front of Pilate by Caleb, Lili and Ruby Holloway (57R0)


The Resurrection by Jonah and Elijah (9R1)


He is risen by Lucas, Yvette, Archer and Cadence Gillman (14R2) See video


He has risen by Patrick 11 and Noah 14 (17R3)


The Empty Tomb by Nathan, Chloe and Rachael (23R4) See video.


The tomb is guarded by Jacob and Annika (30R5)


Jesus tears the veil of the temple by Caleb, Micah and Lillian (40R6)


The Resurrection by Michael, Jeanne, Jack, Katie and Jesse Jones (67R7) See video

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The sign of Jonah by Lara and Jen (46T5)