Thank you so much for your interest in our Easter video! This is a pilot episode and if you are interested in using a resource like this as part of your online kid’s club, kid’s church, chapel service, SRE class or as an at home devotion, please let us know as this will determine whether we go into production.

Our preferred method of viewing is for you to direct kids and families to the premiere which will take place on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel at 2pm Easter Sunday.

We have some follow-up kids activities and worksheets to accompany the video which might also be helpful for you to provide to the kid’s in your ministry:

We understand that at this time churches are trying to cope with the pressures caused by going online. For this reason we are allowing pastors to have access to a downloadable copy. Please understand this is a pilot episode that would not usually be made available for download. It contains copyrighted content from numerous providers. Under the current circumstances we are making it available for churches or schools to download and use in their services this Easter once according to these guidelines.

You may:

  • Edit this production into your kid’s ministry service for a one time screening on Easter Sunday. (Please delete the video from your platform after Easter).

You must:

  • Record with CCLI your use of ‘10, 9, 8 God is Great’ and ‘The Lord is King.’

CCLI streaming licence allows a church to stream live worship music only, no original CDs. (Colin is giving permission to use his original CD’s and asks that you record usage through you normal church CCLI license).  You are also allowed to stream on your church’s Facebook or Youtube accounts or on your church website.

More details about the licence at –

Streaming Licence fees are based on church size and is listed below –


You may not:

  • Store the copy online (it must not become a permanent video on your YouTube or Facebook channel).
  • Distribute or share the downloadable copy.
  • Store the downloadable copy.
  • Use any part of the production, including the music and short videos after Easter Sunday.

By downloading a copy, you do not own any part of the content. If you wish to use any of the content in the future OR if you wish to use a single video or song in your service, please purchase the original content here:

Videos: Gospel According to the Rooster OR Taste and See the Lord is Good:

Music: 10, 9, 8 God is Great and The Lord is King –

If you have any questions, please let us know!