If you’re an individual or business owner and see the value of media and creativity as a means of proclaiming the gospel, consider sponsoring a project!

The major obstacle in the production of Australian Christian film and media is the cost. Your willingness to sponsor a project enables ideas to become a reality.

To see an example of a sponsored project, follow the link to the course “Evangelism: The mission of your life.”

If you would like to sponsor a project or you have an idea for a project you would like to sponsor, please contact us.

The following items are a list of projects which are awaiting funding.

  • Animated Bible stories

    We would love to bring Bible stories to life in animated form, especially those which are less well known. If you would like to help us build a library of quality animations for kids, please contact us!

  • Youth mental health resources

    We believe it is a pressing need to provide resources that grapple with some of the tough issues facing our youth. Suicide, mental health, drugs and alcohol, sex, self-esteem, dealing with stress and anxiety and understanding our emotions, are among the topics we plan to provide resources on in the next few years. Please contact us, if this is a project you would like to sponsor.

  • Cinematic short films

    We have drafted a series of cinematic short films based on the book of Ecclesiastes.  If you would like to help us fund the production, please contact us.

  • Sponsor an artist

    Professional Christian artists often find it difficult to find work doing what they love and are trained for, in a Christian context. We have several creative professionals who would be extremely blessed by the opportunity to bring some of their ideas to life. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an artist and we can give you some information about some great people who have some great ideas waiting to happen.