Downloading an image for personal/ministry use gives you the right to use the image in the following ways:

7.9 You may incorporate the image into work you create for not-for-profit, personal or ministry purposes in either digital or printed forms. Examples include wall art for your home, Christmas carol event booklets, and bulletin board artwork. It can be reproduced in print no more than 10 times per license. If you wish to reproduce it more times, for non commercial reasons please contact the artist directly to seek permission.

7.10 When the image appears in its original form in a publication it should be accompanied by a copyright notice and credit given to the author or artist. (Copyright Zenos Media 2019. Author: Emily Shannon). This is not required for wall art purposes.

7.11 You may post the image at a low resolution on social media for personal use but it must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the original artist (tag @emshannonart).


You may not:

7.12 Post the image in its original resolution on social media or any other web-based site whereby it may be used by other parties.

7.13 Use the image for commercial purposes (this includes selling printed versions of the downloaded file in any way).

7.14 Use or present the image or the content portrayed in the image, in an offensive, derogatory or defamatory way.

7.15 Alter the image in any way.

7.16 Print it more than 5 times without seeking permission from the artist.