Main Exhibition

For Visual Artists, Photographers and Christian Art Groups.

If you are a visual artist, photographer or are part of a Christian art group, we would love you to be part of our online exhibition during Art in August this year. The exhibition will be based on the theme, Genesis: Big Beginnings and can include work based on nature/creation, fall, covenant, promises, human identity (made in the image of God) and the narratives of Genesis.

The exhibition will give visual artists the opportunity to showcase their work and encourage others to engage with Biblical themes in creative ways. If you desire, your work can be offered for sale through a link to your personal website. If you are regularly involved in artmaking, you might even consider hosting an informal gathering to encourage others to make work reflecting the theme. Please contact us if you require further details or would like ideas on how to encourage others in Christian artmaking. Otherwise apply below before August. We would love to hear from you!

Youth Exhibition


Calling young artists! We would love you to contribute to our ‘Youth Online Exhibition’! To enter the youth division you must be between 12-18 years old and produce a work that reflects the theme ‘Genesis: Big Beginnings.’  You might like to paint, draw, sculpt or photograph nature.  You could depict a scene from Genesis or produce a work which reflects a theme such as creation, covenant, promise, the fall etc. For more ideas, check out The Creative Space.

If you are a teacher, consider integrating this theme into your lesson planning and allow this exhibition to be a way your students make meaningful connection between ‘learning’ and ‘real life’ art contexts. If you are a youth pastor or leader, consider holding an ‘Art Night’ (perhaps led by someone creative in your church) whereby youth have the opportunity to make art in response to the theme. Creative ideas for youth can be found at The Creative Space.

We are accepting work for the youth division now until the end of August. Please contact us if you would like further information or apply below.

Entry Forms

Main exhibition entry form:

    Youth exhibition entry form: