Who we are

Zenos Media is a new Australian Christian media initiative which seeks to proclaim the good news of Jesus creatively! We specialise in creative resources and video media and hope to build a database of great resources. Our website is currently in development, however we have a few resources available for preview and our site is open for contributions!

What we do

Produce resources

We are passionate about producing high quality Australian Christian resources. Over time we will release material such as video courses, short videos, animations, sermon introductions, worksheets, scripts, and creative Bible studies, all accessible in a searchable database.

Support creative artists

We believe God has given his people gifts to be used and shared for his glory. We aim to support creative artists and writers of all types as they make, perform, exhibit, sell or share their work. If this is you, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Encourage creativity

The creative arts provide innovative ways to explore faith and engage with the Bible. We want to assist you to make creative arts part of your faith journey and your ministry. For example, check out the details for The Big Family Build, and  Art in August.

Christian Beliefs

We are a non-denominational organisation whose beliefs are shaped on the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is God’s word, through which he reveals His truth and guides and transforms us. We uphold the Nicene Creed as an articulation of our core beliefs.

Aims and Future goals

This website is currently in the early stages of development, but our goal is to create an extensive library of resources, activities and opportunities.

What’s in a name?

Zenos Media is a name derived from the Greek word Xenos which means stranger. It is used in passages such as Matthew 25 where Jesus says that welcoming a stranger is like welcoming him. The heart of our initiative is to invite fellow disciples to a space where they can serve, be served and where they may be equipped to serve others.

Business details

Zenos Media is the trading name of Castle Dweller Studios Pty Ltd.  (ACN – 644 413 525 and ABN – 99644413525. We are located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Emu Plains, NSW.

Animation Studio

Our animation studio is called Blue Bandicoot Studios.

The Creative Directors

Matt Carson-Drever

Matt has worked as a cameraman, video editor and director with a goal to bring the word of God to the screen for all demographics. His first short film won Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the Ignite Film Festival which launched his career in the film industry. Matt has worked on documentaries, short films and promotional videos locally (Sydney region), interstate and abroad. Most recently he worked as editor on the film length documentary by the Centre for Public Christianity, For The Love of God, which was released in cinemas around Australia and the UK in 2018. He has also produced videos for many notable Christian organisations across Australia.

Jenny Hanslow

Jenny is a mother, pastor’s wife and teacher who has been involved in teaching and ministry in Christian schools, Scripture, church and mission contexts for over 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Master of Divinity. Jenny’s training in piano, fine arts and her musical theatre experience has given her a love for using the Creative Arts to explore faith and engage with the Bible. This project is a labour of love which she hopes may serve God’s people, inspire people to use their creative gifts for proclaiming the good news and above all, bring glory to the Creator of all.