Who we are and what we do:

Zenos Media is a new Australian Christian media initiative seeking to provide churches, youth groups, schools and other Christian organisations with a range of resources to enable them to proclaim the good news about Jesus in culturally appropriate and creative ways. We also seek to provide a platform by which artists of various types may be supported and encouraged to use their talents to explore faith, serve others and above all glorify God.

Christian Beliefs:

We are a non-denominational organisation whose beliefs are shaped on the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is God’s word which reveals His truth to guide and transform every generation. We uphold the Nicene Creed as an articulation of our core beliefs.

Aims and Future goals

This website is currently in the in early stages of development, but our goal is to create a extensive library of resources (videos, audio files, printable resources, photos, artworks and the like) made in Australia by Aussie Christians. We aim to provide a site which minimises time spent on internet searching and is affordable for all ministry contexts.

We also see it as important to value the creative talents that God has given to his people and explore ways in which the creative arts can be used in ministry and outreach. In the future we will be looking to host competitions such as visual art, photography and film competitions and events such as touring exhibitions and live performances.

What’s in a name?

Zenos Media is a name derived from the Greek word Xenos which means stranger. It is used in passages such as Matthew 25 where Jesus says that welcoming a stranger is like welcoming him. The heart of our initiative is to invite fellow disciples to a space where they can be served and serve others.

Business details

We are structured as an Australian Partnership Ltm. We are based in the Blue Mountains, Sydney NSW.

The founders

Bio details

Bio details