3.1 Purchasing a subscription to Zenos Media gives you access to use, download, print and (in specified cases) photocopy, any current content available on the site which has been produced by Zenos Media. It also gives you access to any new content added to the site while your subscription is active. It does not give you access to material produced or created by other contributors.
3.2 An open access subscription does not give you ownership of any content. Downloaded or printed content is only licenced for use while your subscription is active.
3.3 All downloaded content is subject to copyright laws. Each product has a content description which provides specific usage requirements and a link to the terms of use specific for its media types. The terms for use of visual images, video, audio and printable files are outlined as separate policies. Please refer to these. It is expected that all users will comply with the terms relevant to the content you download.
3.4 Purchasing an open access subscription allows you to access media on behalf of your ministry context. If you are purchasing on behalf of an organisation, church or school we ask that you have one password holder who downloads content on behalf of the organisation. Large organisations may consider buying more than one subscription.
3.5 Content and resources you have downloaded or printed must not be shared publicly or redistributed online in any form including, but not limited to, social media, email and websites.
3.6 In order to use the material within a ministry context, it may be necessary to share a file with another personal electronically. In the case of file sharing, the holder of the subscription is responsible for communicating the appropriate use of the content with the relevant person and will be held responsible if the content is shared or redistributed.
3.7 You are not permitted to re-sell, alter and/or redistribute any resource you have downloaded. For further details regarding editorial or commercial use of products, refer to the product description and its related terms of use.
3.8 The use of all content, especially artistic content, in discussion, presentation, sermons, lessons etc. must communicate the Christian intent of the author or artist. Derogatory, discriminative or defamatory use of content is not permitted.
3.9 Zenos Media maintains the right to remove any content without notice or explanation.
3.10 If you are unsure of how to appropriately use our media, or if you think you may have breached the Terms of Use, please contact us. We want to support you in your ministry and in the use of our resources.
3.11 Subscriptions will renew automatically unless they are terminated. Zenos Media reserves the right to change prices. Before you are billed, you will be notified of your upcoming renewal and of any changes to the pricing structure. A change in pricing structure is expected in 2020.