If you are a pastor, teacher or in ministry, we hope to provide a website that will serve you in one of the following ways:

Providing a searchable database

We know searching the internet can be a time consuming exercise! We hope to pool together great creative resources and video media suitable to the Australian context and make it accessible in one easily searchable site. So for example, if you are planning to teach or preach on a particular passage, say Mark 5, our long term goal is that you could search this passage and have videos, photos, activities, artworks, scripts and other resources appear.

Helping you to encourage creativity in your ministry

Have you wondered how you may incorporate creativity into your ministry? We are committed to assisting pastors to use creativity in their ministry. We are also committed to providing meaningful avenues for those people in your church or school who are creatively gifted, so they may use their gifts for God’s glory. Of the resources and events we have currently available, you may like to:

Sign up for Art in August.

This is an initiative encouraging people to get creative as they reflect on the themes and stories in a book of the Bible. Our resources for Art in August will be released by May/June, but anyone can get started, creating art or writing on this year’s theme, ‘Genesis: Big beginnings.’ In the future we will run competitions alongside Art in August.

Encourage your young people to become part of The Creative Space.

This is an online space where young people are encouraged to read the Bible, reflect creatively and share their work with others. A new Bible theme or book will be uploaded every three months for study and reflection, with tips on how photographers, artists, writers, actors, dancers and musicians may reflect on these themes creatively. Youth pastors could consider using this as stimulus for youth group or a creative youth Bible study/art group.

Try a creative Bible Study.

We currently have a sample visual arts Bible studies available, The Funky Font Bible Studies for Youth.

Use art as stimulus for discussion.

Consider incorporating some art, photography, poetry or music into your Bible studies, teaching, slideshows or sermons. This will resonate with creative people in your church or school and it supports the wider creative arts community.

Encourage the creative people in your church to become contributors.

We are passionate about supporting Christian artists and writers by giving them a platform by which their work may be used in ministry and gospel proclamation. Why not encourage those in your church with creative gifts to become contributors?

Bring the Gospels to life.

Consider performing chapters of the Gospels or perhaps even a whole Gospel using The Scripted Bible. The rehearsal process may provide a wonderful opportunity to engage in the Bible in a fresh way as well as developing a sense of community as you work on a shared project.

Contribute yourself

If you have written some great material, whether it be a Bible study or worksheet or other resource, consider selling or sharing it through our site.