An evangelism course by Dave Jensen

Evangelism: The mission of your life

‘Evangelism: The mission of your life’, is a fantastic new evangelism course which equips you to confidently share the good news of Jesus. It is suitable for young adults, adults and both new and mature Christians and can be completed individually or in a group. The course includes:

  • 4 sessions covering the what, why and how of evangelism.
  • 4 videos and a downloadable booklet.


An Easter Video

The Gospel According to the Rooster

Journey with the rooster as he investigates the strange happenings in his corner of the world.

The Scripted Bible (NIV)

The Scripted Bible is the text of the NIV Bible converted into a scripted format. We currently have Matthew, Mark and Luke available for purchase as whole book or individual chapters. The Scripted Bible is excellent for:

  • Creative Bible readings within a church service or small group setting.
  • Re-enactments of Bible stories which stay true to the Scriptures.
  • Encouraging memorisation of the Scriptures.