Church at Home - Creative Ideas for Lockdown

With Sydney in lockdown, now is a great time to think about alternate ways of doing church at home with the family. Here are a few ideas for the next few weeks.

Week 1 - Build a Bible Simile or Metaphor

Family Devotions 1

  • Grab a Bible, a computer/phone, some LEGO® and find a comfy place to sit with the family.
  • Explain that you will be building something from the Bible using LEGO. You may like to watch the video showing the 2019 winners of the Big Family Build:

  • View the list of Bible Similes and Metaphors on our website:
  • Use this list to talk about the way the Bible uses metaphors and similes to help us understand things about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God’s kingdom, ourselves and the world, that may be difficult to understand without being likened to something we know in the world.
  • Choose a simile or metaphor from the list, or one of your own. Look it up in the Bible. Then discuss some of the following questions with your family:
  1. What does this simile or metaphor teach me about God, myself or the world?
  2. What LEGO sets, bricks, mini figures, or parts do I have that could help me show this message.

  • Each member of the family could sketch an idea for a build on paper. Explain the sketches to each other,
  • Decide on a build (or divide into smaller family groups of two) and begin your Bible based build.
  • Continue building throughout the week.

Week 2 - The Gospels in LEGO

Family Devotions 2

  • Grab a Bible, a computer/phone, some LEGO® and find a comfy place to sit with the family.
  • Watch the winner’s video from the 2020 Big Family Build showcasing the best builds on the Gospels.

  • Choose one of the following categories: Jesus’ Birth (Luke 2), Jesus’ Baptism (Mark 1:1-14), Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4:35-41), Jesus’ resurrection (Luke 24) and read the relevant Bible passage.
  • Look up your chosen category in the Big Family Build categories from 2020: The Big Family Build 2020 – Zenos Media. Look at the builds and watch some of the videos of kids explaining their builds.
  • Discuss: Which build do you like the most? Why? Which build does the best job of representing the passage? How have the builders used storytelling, technical ability and aesthetics to bring the scene to life?
  • Either build your own Gospel build individually or as a family OR continue your Similes and Metaphor build for the Big Family Build 2021.
  • Take turns explaining your build or retelling the Bible story you have depicted using your build.

Week 3 - Similes and Metaphors

Family Devotions 3

  • Grab a Bible, a computer or phone and some LEGO.
  • Go to the Big Family Build Gallery for this year’s Big Family Build.
  • Look through the photos and watch the videos of families explaining their builds. Look up the related Bible passage for the builds you like the most.
  • Discuss: Which builds do you like the most? Why? Which builds depict the passage clearly and creatively?
  • As a family decide on your favourite builds.
  • Choose another Simile and Metaphor and individually do a speed build (perhaps allow 30-60 minutes). Explain your builds at the end.