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Church Devotionals

Churches and schools can support the production of ‘Slade and Jen’s Bible Rewinds’ by pre-buying the first 10 episodes or donating here.

If we go into production you will get:

  • Access to a minimum of 10 weekly devotionals which you can use in your school or kid’s ministry programmes.
  • The ability to share the devotional with the families within your church or school.
  • The chance to participate in challenges and activities which can be ‘sent in’ to the production team.

Please pay whatever is within your budget (either $25, $30 or $40 per episode).

If your church or school cannot afford to pay, please register your interest on our information page.

You will be given a FULL REFUND if production does not go ahead.

  • Info

    10 episodes

  • Product type

    MP4 and url