We are exceptionally thankful for business or individuals who donate resources or funding to our projects. Such people enable us to create content that would otherwise remain ideas. We expect that sponsors of our projects understand the following terms and conditions:

  1. A sponsor is defined as the voluntary giver of resources or money for the production of a particular product.
  2. Sponsors will be given recognition on our ‘Contributors’ page, on the specific content which they have sponsored where appropriate and on the content description page relevant to the product they have sponsored. We can provide a link to your commercial website but we maintain the right to remove this link if your website contains anything that is offensive or that does not align with our beliefs.
  3. Content created through full sponsorship can be made available as free content on our site. If content is created through partial sponsorship, the content will be offered at a reduced price determined by Zenos Media in discussion with the sponsor.
  4. Sponsors have no direct say in the production of the product. Before a project is sponsored, a sponsor should speak with the project manager to determine the project complies with their values, beliefs or interests.
  5. Once a project has begun, sponsorship money cannot be refunded.
  6. The rights of the sponsor in terms of ownership and distribution of the product will be determined by a separate contract between the sponsor and Zenos Media.
  7. Those wishing to use Zenos Media to publish their own material for profit or personal use can interact with Zenos Media as a customer or partner.

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