This is an outline of the way in which Zenos media interacts with contributors:
  1. Zenos Media aims to provide high quality content. For this reason we only accept content that meets a specific standard and is produced by people who have credentials in a particular area (It is not expected that youth contributors have such credentials). We reserve the right to change the types of content we accept, the professional requirements of contributors and our standards for acceptance at any time. To gain information about the types of resources being accepted at a particular time, please refer to the Contributors page on our website.
  2. To contribute content you will be asked to complete a form which includes personal details, a statement of faith and questions relating to your contribution. You will also need to provide your submission in electronic form. Any personal details collected are used in accordance with our privacy policy.
  3. We aim to provide you with a response within 30 days, but this time frame may be subject to variance.
  4.  If your content is not accepted we will not use, alter, share or redistribute your content in any way.
  5. If your content is accepted we will contact you and proceed according to the terms outlined below.


If your content is approved by Zenos Media we will contact you. If your work is incorporated into our library we will expect you to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your content is protected by our Terms of Use policies and therefore we expect website users to give you appropriate credit in contexts outlined by the Terms of Use policies. By contributing your content you are agreeing to the Terms of Use applicable to your content type.
  2. We give you recognition for your provision of content on our ‘Contributors’ page and on the ‘Description’ page related to your content. However, you can also choose for your content to appear anonymously.
  3. You remain the owner of your content unless you have entered into a separate contract with us. We are willing to remove your content at your discretion.
  4. You agree that your content does not violate any laws, infringe any third party copyrights or infringe any other intellectual property rights and that you have necessary release forms and permits related to the subject matter of your content. We will gain permission for Bible references where applicable.
  5. We maintain the right to remove your content from our site at any time.
  6. We do not sell material on your behalf through our site. There will be no monetary exchange between content contributors and Zenos Media, unless we have entered into a separate contract.
  7. Content you provide that can be uploaded in a completed form (such as a photograph) will be offered as a free download to any users of the site. We do not intend to make money out of your generosity.
  8. You may choose to provide us with a link to your personal website so that our users can be directed to your site. This link would be placed on the page where your content description appears. If for any reason content appears on your site which is not in line with our beliefs or is offensive in anyway, Zenos Media has the right to remove this link.

If you have any concerns or further questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

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These terms and conditions may be subject to updates.

Updated July 2018