Downloading an image for commercial use gives you the right to use the image in the following ways:

7.17 You may use the image in both non-commercial and commercially produced books, magazines, print media, advertising, flyers, product packaging, labelling, posters, letterhead, business cards, online promotional material, film, commercial websites (excluding those selling images), church websites and commercial blogs. An image is not reproducible in any of the above media types more than 1000 times. If commercial use will exceed these limits, please contact us. You MAY NOT print Christmas cards from these artworks – please head to to purchase this product.

7.18 When the image appears as an unaltered graphic in a book, magazine, article, documentary or film, we ask that the author is given credit and a copyright notice included where appropriate.

7.19 You may post the image at a low resolution on social media for personal use but it must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the original artist (tag @emshannonart).


You may not:

7.20 Post the image on social media or any other web-based site in its original size whereby it may be used by other parties.

7.21 Use, alter or present the image or artwork portrayed in the image in an offensive, derogatory or defamatory way.

7.22 Print Christmas cards using this image.