2019 winners!

Lyn and Matt from season 1 of LEGO Masters were pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Zenos Media ‘Big Family Build!’ We had entries from families in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and SA, who all built constructions out of LEGO to represent scenes from the book of Genesis. Watch the following video to see the results:



Videos of some of the winning builds.


Other outstanding builds...

The Zenos Media team wanted to acknowledge some of the other outstanding entries this year. The following entries were some of our favourites.

The Wheels Start Falling Off…

Nina, Raph, Iris, Chris and Nerida.

Putting your ultimate trust in God.

Bailey, Asher and Jesse.


The Garden

Jonathan and Ethan McQueen (SA)

In the beginning…

Zebulun, Nathaniel and Charlie (VIC)


The Apple

Summer and Keran (VIC)


Timeline of Creation

Isaac, Scarlett and Alexander (VIC)

The Tower of Babel

Charles, Andrew and Gina (VIC).


The Big Family Build Gallery!