Join us this August!

Genesis: Big Beginnings

Art in August is a new initiative encouraging people to explore faith using creativity during the month of August. The theme for 2019 is ‘Genesis: Big Beginnings’ and we have a number of great activities you might like to be involved in as a school, church, family or individual. Follow the links below!




Simple ways to encourage creativity!

If you are a pastor, teacher or leader in your ministry context, we want to make it easy for you to encourage creativity and tap into the creative talents in your church or school. Why not:

  • Simply direct people to our website and see if anyone wants to get on board!
  • Advertise THE BIG FAMILY BUILD (see our advertising material) and encourage families to get creative together.
  • Encourage those who are gifted in visual arts to enter our online exhibition for youth and adults.
  • ¬†Encourage kids and youth to the use their gifts in performance through the Dance and Drama challenges.
  • Encourage your kid’s ministry, families or school or take the Kid’s Art Challenge.
  • Consider hosting a creative workshop as an outreach, ministry/pastoral or training event.
  • Host an exhibition of Indigenous art by letting us send an exhibition to you!
  • You might set aside time in your regular youth program, Bible study or teaching program to work on art projects. For further ideas for youth, check out The Creative Space.
  • If you have several people participating in ‘Art in August’ why not create a small exhibition (using LEGO, art and photos) or set aside time in a service or assembly for sharing.
  • Use some of the pictures from the online exhibitions in your teaching or sermon series.

Be inspired by the creativity of others!

Springwood Presbyterian engaged their community with this creative installation.