Art in August is a new initiative encouraging people to explore faith using creativity during the month of August. Whether it be creating artwork, taking photos, making a short film, writing a poem, performing a dance or play, all of these creative endeavours can provide fresh ways of exploring the Bible Рand building community!

In 2019 the first Art in August will focus on the book of Genesis. If you are keen to start now, encourage your friends, youth group, school or church to begin creating art that reflects any of the stories, ideas or themes from the book of Genesis or plan your calendar to include Art in August.

In May/June we will release stimulus material, activities and videos to help you plan for this event. Specific material will be made for:

  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Kids ministry
  • Schools (K-12)

Outstanding works produced and shared during Art in August will be showcased on our website and can become a sellable resource on our site.

We would love to have a list of participating schools, youth groups and churches. Please sign up below if you would like to be part of Art in August 2019.

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