Running 24th of August at Penrith Baptist and Ministry Centre


Jenny Hanslow

Target Age:

Ages 10 and up.




Penrith Baptist Church


$25 per person.


Come along and experience the joys of acrylic pouring (pouring acrylic paint) while reflecting on who we are in relation to God, others and the world.

What do I need?

Old clothes or a paint shirt.

Additional Information:

When completed, these artworks are very wet. We recommend you pick them up the following day. It may be possible to transport your works if you bring a large container that can get messy.

Book or inquire.

Book before August 20th or contact us for questions or further details.

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Jenny Hanslow

Jenny is a mother, pastor’s wife and teacher who has been involved in teaching and ministry in Christian schools, church and mission contexts for over 15 years. She has felt privileged to formally study the Bible and has almost turned her Graduate Diploma of Divinity into a Masters. Her experience across the arts has given her a love for using the Creative Arts to explore faith and engage with the Bible. Jenny is passionate about making meaningful use of creativity in worship and Bible teaching and hopes to inspire others to discover creative gifts they perhaps didn’t know existed!