Last weekend my daughter and I took on the challenge of transforming her Disney princess LEGO into a Gospel build. And while I expected a fun afternoon of creativity, I was quite taken aback at the way this simple activity gave me a profound glimpse into her budding faith.
We had decided to represent the ‘Sign of Jonah’ (Matthew 13:38-40) so we went to task building a duplo whale alongside an empty tomb, to represent the nature of the resurrection as the great sign of Jesus’ identity.
As we built I shared the story of Jonah and the way in which Jesus had used this story to describe his death and resurrection.
Then it happened … Disney princess pieces began springing up in inappropriate places. Crowns, flags, hearts, flowers … the build was under attack!
Before suggesting their removal, I gently asked why they were there. The answer was a humble rebuke.
Mummy…so the crown is on the tomb because Jesus is the King… and that is why there is a flag. The love hearts are because God loves us so much and he is the king of our hearts. And the flowers show how beautiful everything is now. 
In a beautiful moment, I was let into the world of my daughter’s faith. I glimpsed what the resurrection meant to her and how she understood this great sign of Jonah. In truth her little princess pieces captured Jesus’ kingship in a much richer way than anything I had imagined for this build. So I joined her. I looked for little pieces that drew on symbolism that was meaningful for me as I reflected on the resurrection. An empty cup, a fountain of water…
Such is the beauty of creativity and symbolism. It enables us to express deep truths and abstract concepts in concrete and memorable ways, allowing us to process and share what otherwise might remain internal thoughts.
If you have never attempted to ‘build the Bible’ with your kids, I encourage you to see it as an opportunity for your family to share in the journey of faith together. And with ‘The Big Family Build’ still running, now is a great opportunity to give it a try!
Info can be found here: The Big Family Build 2020
By Jenny Hanslow