Zenos Media is online!

Open for contributions and a sneak preview of sample resources!

So the journey begins! It is with great excitement that we open our website for contributions and for a sneak preview of our own sample resources. We want to thank everyone who took part in our survey over a year ago. Your feedback helped to shape the direction of the site and will help guide our resource production in the future.

Open for contributions

What does this mean? It means we are ready to accept contributions from you! We would love to have a resource where those in ministry could search any chapter of the Bible and have a range of resources appear. From videos, to Bible studies, artworks, photos, poems, music…your creativity is the limit. But we need your help! If you are a Christian artist, photographer, musician, designer, cartoonist, or writer or if you have made some great resources yourself, consider sharing or selling your work through our website!

Things to check out

Browse our website and check out our sample kids memory verse videos, our scripted version of the NIV Bible, our Easter video and resources, our Bible based photos and our evangelism course written by Dave Jensen, ‘Evangelism: The mission of your life.